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clean strike. Golf Equipment Cleaner.

Discover the Ultimate Golf Club Cleaner: Clean Strike

After a thrilling day on the course, the last thing you want is to spend ages cleaning your golf clubs and shoes.

Lets be honest, its a pain!

This where Clean Strike comes in – your ultimate solution for quick and effective club maintenance.

With Clean Strike, you can say goodbye to tedious cleaning routines.

Our innovative formula is designed to restore grip tackiness, clean club head grooves, and refresh your golf shoes in the most convenient way possible.

Clean your gear effortlessly and get back to what you love – playing golf.

Click below to experience the convenience of Clean Strike today.

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Clean Your Clubs and Shoes in 3 Easy Steps

1. Spray On

Apply directly and let the solution soak into the dirt or oils

2. Wipe Off

Clean Strike is designed to break down and get under the dirt

3. Play On

Clean Strike is so quick and conventiant it can even be used during play

What Our Customers Say about Clean Strike

James Robinson Golf

Definitely draws out the dirt

“I find it quick and easy to use whilst knowing you aren’t harming the environment which is always nice, I do sometimes forget I have It in the bag with it being so lite but I will make a conscious effort to remember to clean my clubs with it more often as it definitely draws out the dirt from the clubs grooves easier than just water or other methods.


I get a better roll

“i use the solution at the grass driving range on Thursday at old links was good and the towel is handy whilst playing to clean your ball whilst looking at the line and I get a better roll and it’s small enough to just fit in your pocket with tees and ball marker”


Amazing product

“Amazing product its a must try on the course, great meaning behind will definitely keep using in the future.”

Oscar @90roundsin90days

Wow its like magic that

“Wow its like magic that. look at that”

Rory Wood

as easy as one wipe to remove the mud

I bought Verta a few weeks ago at bunkered live and used the club cleaner almost immediately. The product worked really well, and it was as easy as one wipe to remove the mud and general detritus away (mud in the grooves needed some more after a long time without cleaning - to be expected). The added bonus was the smell, which was a nice surprise. Overall, I would recommend this product to obsessive cleaners that always keep on top of their clubs or to the casual cleaner that only cleans when they want to.

Richard Edwards

Fantastic Product

"Invested in 2 bottles at the bunker live show already used it on my clubs fantastic product"

David Peters

Fantastic at Bunkered Live

"I bought this product and have found it fantastic. One of the better things at Bunkered Live."


Minimal effort

"Clean Strike made my shoes good as new with minimal effort."

Doug Macpherson

Brilliant Stuff

"Brilliant stuff clubs are looking great"

Mike Bain

Love It

"Since I purchased the product I have used it once and I love it and it seems to be fine for the clubs"

Scott White

Great Product

"Great product does exactly what it says. Not greasy at all and leaves clubs gleaming."

Darren Saunders

Does the job

"Does the job but is expensive"

Nick Borg

Great product

"What a great product"

Margaret Lewington

Good service

"Very good service"

Alison Mayman

Gift for family member

"When I received the item it was much smaller than the picture showed. It was a really nice item for a gift in the box it came in. My family member loved the product."

Duncan Burns

Very useful

"Very useful on course product works really well, would and am recommending"

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